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The Very Nice People Society

A group of people trying to make our place in this world a little bit nicer. We are a volunteer group all donating our time and work to this site. Please contact us if you wish to be a contributors. All suggestions take. This site is open to all who have a connection to Staten Island.

Thank you!

We would like to take a moment to thank the growing list of supporters of our projects.  In 2006 when the first project, Save Staten Island began, we received many emails, calls and well wishes.  These people have stayed with us through the next few years even when we were on hiatus in 2008 due to our full time jobs being interrupted. Now in 2009, we continue to receive support in many forms from the original group and many new members.

We love Staten Island and know we are not the only ones. 
Thank you all once again.The VNPs


We are officially looking for participants for the website now.  We mainly need writers and or photographers.  Any and all are welcome. 

This site is run by volunteers. Please contact for additional information.  

We accept writing on Staten Island topics only.

Suggestions for what you would like to see on this site are being accepted.  We encourage you to think out of the box.  If it can be conveyed on a web page, we will consider any idea.
More information is available to those interested.
Please contact Mary-Ellen at info@positivelystatenisland.com

Thank you in advance
Mary-Ellen Rozak

The VNPs


We are currently accepting limited advertising on this site, based on space.  Please email for more info info@positivelystatenisland.com

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