Aug 11, 2010

Happy Land

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Once upon a time, Staten Island was more resort town than the suburb that we know today. In fact we had a very well know amusement park called Happy Land that rivaled Coney Island.  A special train was set up from the Ferry Terminal to South Beach to accommodate visitors to the park.  Staten Island thrived on her tourism back in the day.

The park began it's demise in the 30's after fires, water pollution and the Great Depression took their toll on it.  She lost her visitors and the city gained ownership of the waterfront property.

At the end of the 30's, jobs were created for people affected by the depression, to dismantle the park and create the boardwalk we know today.

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Happy Land Opens 1906

Happy Land Destroyed by Fire 1919

Today the Boardwalk in South Beach is know as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk .  The only structures still surviving are some of the summer cottages that were part of the community.

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