Sep 7, 2010

Fun Facts - Ferry

Fun facts from Staten Islanders to occasional ferry riders,(i.e. tourists):

§      Each boat holds many people, please do not fight to get to the front of the line during rush hour because you believe it is the only way to make sure you get on the boat.  We will all fit.
§      There are many seats on the boat, but if you plan to walk around and take photos, please do not push us aside and take a seat for five minutes.  We are most likely on our way home from work and would really appreciate that seat.
§      If you want to know which side you should be on for the Statue, take a look at the people sitting.  The commuters will always be on the opposite side, trying to avoid the tourists.
§      Yes, you can buy beer on the boat.  Should you?  No, it is for the commuters. We are the ones who have to work with people from the other boroughs and New Jersey all day.
§      We all have our places on the boats.  When you see a bunch of us with books, headphones or newspapers up, that is code.  Code for leave us, and our commute alone, please.
§      If it smells, do not assume it is Staten Island you are smelling.  Even when the dump was still open, it is too far to smell from the boat.  However, New Jersey has always been within smelling distance.
§      There is no smoking on the boat, and if you do it anyway on the deck, the wind will blow it right back into your own face.  Be warned.
§      We miss the shoe shine guy and hope to someday soon miss the preachers as well!
§      You will not get wet on the boat, even during a storm.  If we work with you and get to work dry, do not be shocked.  We are not rowing to work.
§      The boat never really stops. She even went into action on 9-11 in the hopes of transporting victims. Unless you are talking the newest Molinari class.  They seem to break if the wind blows too hard.
§      If you visit Staten Island, you do not have to worry about getting stuck here all night.  The worst case scenario is waiting an hour for the next boat.  She runs all night, you will not have to sleep with the homeless all night at the terminal, so do not be afraid to visit Staten Island the next time you are invited here for an event or party.
§      You will NOT get seasick.  The boat is big enough and stable enough, for seasickness to rarely, if ever, effect people.  

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