Sep 13, 2010

Guess Who is From Staten Island?

Barney Stinson, Neil Patrick Harris' character from How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

I noticed on the show, he has mentioned Staten Island Boulevard (presumably Hylan Boulevard.) and that he went to Port Richmond Middle School.  So I looked it up and it was right there on his character profile on 

Several times he suggests the gang go to Staten Island for one thing or another.  They never go and they basically give a little jab to us when they do that, but is never too insulting.

I am just happy they made a character from Staten Island who is not Italian for a change.

Another show with Staten Island character (also not Italian) 
Grounded for Life.  GFL was on FOX and the WB towards the end of it run, from 2001 to 2005.  The main characters were there Irish Catholic Finnerty Family.

In one episode titled 
Catch Us if You Can, the father catches a ball at Yankee Stadium that was still in play.  Not able to get back home because the entire city now hates them, they walk all the way home to Staten Island.  Guess the writers never thought to figure out how they walked home to an island?  You can't walk over water or any of us bridges.

But there you go, a few fictional Staten Island television residents.

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