Sep 15, 2010

Obituary: Beachland Arcade and Amusement Park

If you grew up on Staten Island, there is no doubt at one time or another, you went to South Beach to the  Beachland Arcade and Amusement Park.

The roller coaster they had seemed so big when I was little.  The left over tickets from Skeeball stayed in the glove compartment in the car for the next time.

It closed in 2006 after 65 years when the owners retired.  No one else stepped up to buy the arcade and keep it open.

From the New York Times:
But Beachland's 66th summer is already over. The owners are retiring; the building is sold. Tonight, the arcade will close for good. And if Beachland is not the last of its kind, it is certainly part of a dying breed of family-run arcades in distant corners of New York City.  Read full article

Foreclosure article from

Sometimes EBay lists the old skeeball tickets for sale.

Trish and Christoph recorded an original song for the arcade called, Dance Dance Revolution (Fight Back Staten Island Girl).

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