Oct 26, 2010

Garibaldi-Meucci Museum Introduces New Puppetry & Literature Program for Children

This school year the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum adding “Puppetry & Literature to its slate of programming for school children. This interactive literacy-based program highlights characters from Italian culture, including Strega Nona and La Befana. In the program children will perform a play in costume and create a puppet character to take back to school. Through readings they will learn about cause and effect, and build understanding of themselves and the cultures of the world

The museum continues to offer the following four special programs for school children:

Carnevale in Venice:        Recommended for grades: K - 5thIn this creative and interactive program, students “journey” to the islands of Venice for the world famous Carnevale celebration. While making masks and dressing in costume, the students are introduced to the characters of the Commedia dell’ Arte, and discuss the regional stereotypes each character represents. Students are also encouraged to discuss why stereotypes exist and how they can be overcome.

Legend of the Spider:    Recommended for grades: K - 5thIn this interactive program, students take an imaginary trip to Taranto, a town in southern Italy, and learn the origins of the popular Italian folk dance, the Tarantella. The program touches upon many different topics, including folk tales, prejudice and rhythm. Every child makes and decorates a tambourine and learns the dance steps of the Tarantella.

Life in Ancient Rome:    Recommended for Grades: K - 5thIn this interactive program, students learn about life in Italy 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire—its people, culture and innovations, includingRoman numerals and aqueducts. Students will perform skits relating to daily Roman life and create their own mosaic artwork.

Guided Historical Tours:    Recommended for Grades: 6th & up
Visitors learn the history of the 160-year-old Gothic revival style house and its famous occupants, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Antonio Meucci. Guests learn more about General Garibaldi’s valiant efforts to unify Italy and the fate of Meucci, the true inventor of the telephone.  

All the school programs are available year-round and are scheduled for weekday mornings, unless otherwise planned. Programs run for approximately 1 hour. Cost to do the program at the museum is $5 per student grades K-12, college students and adults are $8 per person, one teacher and two chaperones are free. Cost to do the program at your location is based on number of students and will be assessed for each situation. A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the program, which will be applied to the total cost. To schedule a school trip, and to find out about our Dare Volo Scholarship Fund, contact the museum at (718) 442-1608.     

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