Oct 28, 2010

Trivia Answer -Staaten Eylandt

What was Staten Island originally named?

In 1609, the English explorer Henry Hudson sailing for the Dutch sailed into Upper New York Bay on his ship the Half MoonStaaten Eylandt was named in honor of the Dutch parliament known as the Staten-Generaal,
The first Dutch settlement of the New Netherland colony was made on Manhattan in 1620, yet Staaten Eylandt remained uncolonized by the Dutch for many decades. From 1639 to 1655, the Dutch made three separate attempts to establish a permanent settlement on the island, but each time the settlement was destroyed in the conflicts between the Dutch and the local tribes. In 1661, the first permanent Dutch settlement was established at Oude Dorp (Dutch for "Old Village"),[10] just south of the Narrows near South Beach, by a small group of Dutch, Walloon, and Huguenot families. Today, the last vestige of Oude Dorp exists as the present-day neighborhood of Old Town, adjacent to Old Town Road.

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