Dec 21, 2010

The City Concealed

                        The City Concealed: Staten Island Greenbelt from on Vimeo.

Our local Public Television station, Thirteen is rolling out new episodes of City Concealed. Colin Schoenberger at Thirteen was nice enough to send us the episode online for a small preview.  We thank you Collin.

This definitely does have the “can you believe this is New York City” feel to it, as Collin pointed out.   Many Staten Islanders, already know this and we love it when others take the time to notice and compliment our great home.

The crew from City Concealed went out to find the Heyerdahl House, the ruins of a 1800s stone home in Bucks Hollow, but instead discovered our beautiful Greenbelt.  Surprise!  And welcome to Staten Island.

Take a short break and view this seven-minute video and enjoy the fall colors and trails of our Greenbelt.  Pouch Camp is mentioned.  SAVE POUCH CAMP!

For the full article on this video, visit here.

Thank you to Thirteen for creating such wonderful content, to the shows crew for taking the time to explore their new discovery, to the people of Staten Island who take the time to conserve this vast wonderland and especially to those who are fighting to save Pouch Camp. 

And last but not least, to Collin for thinking of us.  We appreciate getting any and everything about Staten Island from the web to help us in creating our site.

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