Dec 28, 2010

December 26th Blizzard

Over 20 inches hit the city from December 26th and straight into the 27th.  Staten Island probably had more, but our official totals never seem to hit the news until much later, if at all.

The Ferry held back some trips and delayed others.  Our train and buses came to a halt.  We have restricted speeds on the bridge and many streets have not seen a plow come their way yet.  

On my street alone, the snow in the middle is almost as high as my car.

It became one big giant snow day for all.

Update:  We were measured at 29", and most had at least two snow days.  Many rumor swirling about why some many streets in Staten Island and Queens, especially, were never plowed more than 48 hours after the storm.

Here are a few photos:

Photos by The VNPs

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