Dec 6, 2010

New Documentary Highlights Music Scene of Staten Island

When people think of Staten Island, New York they think of the heavy accent, 
spiked hair, and orange skin that has been portrayed on such popular culture 
hits like True Life and Jersey Shore.

We set out to show people another side of “The Forgotten Borough” with The
, a comprehensive documentary about the music scene that exits on Staten
. Local shows in the area can receive over 300 people in attendance and 
have a lively atmosphere that rivals that for mainstream concerts.  The scene 
that exists in Staten Island is diverse with genres ranging from Hip Hop, 
Alternative, Indie, Pop, Punk, Metal, and Hardcore.

“The Others” takes you inside the practices and shows as well as sit down 
interviews with local bands.  From the highs to the lows you will hear from the 
musicians about their accomplishments, their band’s history and what is like to 
go through the recording process.

"The Others" is scheduled for release in 2011.
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- Robert M Pimpsner
Press Contact
The Others Documentary

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