Jan 25, 2011

Question of the week....

Question of the day- besides the Ferry and The Bridge, is there any one photo that symbolizes Staten Island?

  • Mary-Ellen Rozak Ok, the dump and mall are coming through from everyone.

    Are there any suggestions of things people might actually want to look at in photos? lol
    15 hours ago · 
  • Mary-Ellen Rozak The Conference House and Voorlezer House are new suggestions.
    15 hours ago · 
  • Mary-Ellen Rozak The Colleges have been added to the list. Keep them coming.
    14 hours ago · 
  • Marguerite Maria Rivas The Advance Building and Curtis High School?
    14 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
  • Mary-Ellen Rozak GO Curtis! (my school)
    14 hours ago · 
  • Mary-Ellen Rozak 
    Got this too:

    It's a good question. For off-Islanders (esp people who live abroad), the Ferry def is what universally identifies SI. The Bridge might symbolize SI for residents of the metro area. But to find another symbol that resonates wit...See More
    14 hours ago · 
  • Marguerite Maria Rivas I think you may be right, Mary Ellen. I chose Curtis because it was the first public high school, has distinct architecture, etc. I went to St.Joseph-by-the-Sea for two years then Tottenville. Don't know unless South Beach Boardwalk with bridge in the background?
    14 hours ago · 
  • Marguerite Maria Rivas I think the ferry is it, though, if you are looking for one universally recognized symbol.
    14 hours ago · 
  • Mary-Ellen Rozak The Lighthouse was added to the list.

    How come the Ferry Terminal has not been mentioned yet?
    14 hours ago · 
  • Mary-Ellen Rozak Added to the list:

    -Snug Harbor
    -A view from a Street on SI with the city in the background (picture by Sarah Yuster from Victory Blvde I believe)
    -Map of the Island
    13 hours ago · 
  • Marguerite Maria Rivas Yes, Sarah Yuster's View from Victory Blvd. Bingo!
    10 hours ago · 

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