Jan 29, 2011

Staten Island Slim Down

Today when I got home from running errands for the animal rescue, I put on the computer and went to SILive.com to see what was going on around the Island.  At 3 o'clock, the exact time I was eating a cookie, I saw today was the kick off of the Staten Island Slim Down.  I somehow missed this event, but it was not too late to sign up.  

I wasn't planning on signing up for a weight loss program today, after all I am extremely busy balancing my love affair with Ben AND Jerry.  (Please do not tell them I am also cheating on them with Haagen Daz!)  But I thought about it and, this is an extremely 'positive" venture for Staten Island, so I signed up.  

It is a ten week program that starts today, January 29th.  It will end in April and there are three ways to sign up, Contestant, Participant and Group.  Only the Contestants are eligible for the full prizes, but they also have to do before and after photos.  So I will be a participant only, thanks.

Check out their web: www.statenislandslimdown.com  

For extra added fun, Alfredo Dinten, Staten Island's own Biggest Loser is apart of the program.

Stay tuned for more info on this great idea. 

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