Feb 21, 2011

Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture

Last year, my family and I joined the Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture, for the first  time and were duly impressed.  It is the only food coop on Staten Island right now.

Here is how it works.  You pay upfront, and all summer, for over 20 weeks, you come by the parking lot at Christ Church on the appointed day and pick up your share of locally grown, organic vegetables.  Twice during the stretch, you are assigned to work the distribution for the week.  

We got way more food than expected and we even learned about a few new vegetables along the way. Plus their website has some recipes for the items you may not be familiar with.  

There are a few pieces of fruit, such as melons that were part of the vegetable shares, but for a separate fee, there is a fruit share also.

Sunday, March 13, the farmer, John Krueger will be at Christ Church to talk about the Starbite Farms and answer any questions you have about being a part of the coop.

Registration for the share is already open. 

For more information, visit the web or their facebook page here.

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  1. Joined last year.
    Vegetables were fresh, plentiful,and tasted great. Could not have bought that much for the same amount of money.