Feb 14, 2011

What you wish we still had on Staten Island.

What do you wish we still had on Staten Island?
The Arcade at South Beach44%
Happyland Amusement Park13%
Older Ferry Boat Fleets19%
A&W on Hylan Blvd13%
The Spanish Camps13%
And we received this in our inbox also:
Actually, I really like so much about SI and don't want to whine about changes. But one thing I really do miss is the stretches of country-like areas between Great Kills Park and the Conference House. There used to be much more wooded areas but now so much of it has become tacky row houses or those hilarious McMansions - straight out of The Sopranos!

Feel free to send us comments related to any polls when the answer you wanted was not an option.

1 comment:

  1. I miss the arcade. I used to take my kids there. Now we walk more on the boardwalk - which I love.