Apr 13, 2011

Welcome to the Debate Station! Is Staten Island Disrespected?

Although this is a 'positive' site, from time to time, something just needs to be debated.  We are starting off our new column with a recent comment about Staten Island from the New York Post.

The line we are debating is as follows:

"The city's most disrespected borough will be taking another beating on April 17 when the reality show "Mob Wives" begins airing."

Debate:  We have been called the Forgotten, the Ignore, the Dump and now the Disrespected.  Do you think this is the most fitting title so far?

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  1. Disrespected about sums it up. We aren't ignored, or forgotten, they purposely leave us off or only print the crap about us.

  2. I cannot believe this show is going on the air.

  3. Staten Island is like Rodney Dangerfield, it gets "no respect"

  4. Most Staten Islanders themselves have no appreciation for the island. That's the biggest problem.

  5. We are totally disrespected by many people outside of our borough, and sadly, by people who reside here. Yes, we have gone from forgotten to disrespected. I absolutely believe that. Go to YouTube and search "Staten Island" and see what you come up with. An interesting thread might be,"What have been the most ignorant/disrespectful/stupid things people have said to you upon finding out you are a Staten Islander?" I think the answers that question would generate would validate the notion that Staten Island is disrespected.

  6. Daisy:

    We have had some horrible things said to us once they found out we are from SI. But most of the time, they say REALLY? They have such a bad image of what they think a Staten Islander is, that they are shocked when they actually meet one of us.

    We have also been knocked when we told someone on the South Shore, we are from the North Shore.

    We posted this a while back and would love to post more like it.


    Thanks for reading,
    The VNPs

  7. I think we are easily politically disrespected (due to the city assembly system and past practices). We are culturally ignored, and historically forgotten.Perhaps we are also socially maligned.
    But I moved here because I like it and the people (not all of them- but that's true of all places).
    I find others weirdly fascinated (including those who come to work or professionally day trip/visit at colleges, etc) that I live here, that I lie happily here with my kids. But they also might like to have what we enjoy.

    But what I find really hard take are those who livehere and dog SI out-or cast it in the most unfavorable light possible. Self-loathing? Low esteem? Unrecognized uniqueness? I am not sure, but I am thankful for this web-site, and many others, who celebrate with me!

  8. Considering it's the Post, "disrespected" sounds almost like they're being nice. It's not an insult per se, but rather an observation.

    That being said, I feel like to repeat it ("forgotten," "ignored") is to excuse and perpetuate it among non-islanders; among Islanders, that kind of language leads to an odd empowerment/disempowerment. Like fishing for compliments while patting ourselves on the back and boasting how we don't need those saps across the pond anyway. THAT is what worries me--I believe it is that which leads to the glut of negativity that spurred this website in the first place.