Jun 10, 2011

Give LUMEN some LOVIN'!


Remember LUMEN?
LUMEN is a free video/projection & performance art festival on Staten Island, (the LARGEST contemporary art festival on SI!) featuring over 100 artists.... and it's just 2 weeks away (June 25, 6pm-Midnight) 

LUMEN needs your help!
Your contribution of $10, $25, or more makes  
a difference (no seriously, it really does).

Your online donation gets you:
A snazzy "LUMEN LOVER" button (see below),
temporary tattoos, awesome glowsticks,
limited edition prints and more!

Show LUMEN some Love <3 

Can't give? Maybe you can give a little time...
contact Monica at 718.447.3329 x1004 if you'd like to
volunteer for LUMEN!

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