Jun 3, 2011

SUMMERFEST: Dance/Jazz/Blues!

 . Floorwork Dance Company .
. Vincent Ruggieri Quartet . 
. Jonathan Kalb.  
Floorwork Dance Company will perform a story in two acts. "The Big Blue - Leaving the World Behind" is a water themed piece inspired by a French movie called "Le Grande Bleu".  

This four-section piece features 4 dancers expressing the emotions of water. "Love Layers" is a three-section piece about love. This piece features a new solo called "Purple Rain" where the movement tells a story about heartbreak and sorrow. The second part is a new duet called "Fallen".  

The final part called "Sisterhood" shows the love and support we share between friends or sisters in time of need. All dances are choreographed by Ms. Cecilia Flores.

Wednesday, June 8, 8-9pm
Little Shop Studios, 864 Post Avenue

The Vincent Ruggieri Quartet will do a performance consisting of six original pieces composed by members of the Quartet. Vinnie Ruggieri's compositions are "In the Harbor" and "Cindy Ray". Mike Morreale's contributions are "One for the Champ", and "Another Old Different Place". "A Space in time" is a waltz written by bassist Bill Moring. Bill's other composition is entitled  
"Mary Lynn".  

Enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the park, listening to the jazz sounds of the Vincent Ruggieri Quartet.

Sunday, June 12, 12-1pm
Conference House Park, 298 Satterlee Street

Kalb's work is rooted in American blues and soul but also draws on many other musical sources, such as jazz and country. He writes and performs his own songs, and varies the style of music from blues to soul, funk to jazz, reggae to country. Kalb will perform a concert highlighting his original compositions, and will perform them both acoustically and electrically.

Sunday, June 12, 1-2pm
Conference House Park, 298 Satterlee Street
1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, New York 10301

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