Jun 9, 2011

Zoo has a new a friend - a Lynx

The Zoo welcomes an EURASIAN LYNX !

All are invited in picking a name for our new friend

June, 2011…..The Staten Island Zoo has some new animals waiting to meet you and one in particular is waiting for a name!

The Eurasian Lynx is one of the things new at the Staten Island Zoo.
“The Staten Island Zoo is bringing in different species of birds and mammals to our collection that are here to help us understand them and we help them…like our newest friend, the Eurasian Lynx,” said Ken Mitchell, Interim Executive Director of the Staten Island Zoo.

And the Staten Island Zoo CREW is asking for everybody’s help in picking a proper and suitable name. Visit the Lynx link atstatenislandzoo.org and select from the following names :  Attila, Felix, Loki, Tugger or Fluffy.  Cast your vote.   The name will be announced July 11th.
The Eurasian Lynx had one of the widest ranges of all cat species prior to the spread of human populations throughout Europe andAsia . Lynx were hunted by people for their luxurious fur (several adult cats were needed to make one coat) and to eliminate a perceived threat to livestock. An endangered species, Lynx are now protected in most areas of their range.  Several countries in Europe are attempting a reintroduction of Lynx to their former woodland homes. Zoos, like the Staten Island Zoo, throughout the world participate in breeding, education and conservation efforts for all four species of Lynx.

The Eurasian Lynx - did you know that they....

*prefer forests and mountain regions, staying away from human settlements?
*are also declining because of habitat loss as well as loss of prey?
*are being successfully reintroduced into some areas of Europe ?
*are increasing in numbers due to population management practices?
*depend more on their hearing and eyesight than smelling?
*mark their territory with urine?
*are solitary except during breeding season?
*are good swimmers?

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