Feb 5, 2011


The Reel Port Richmond
COAHSI's collaboration w/ City of Memory project  
During the Summer of 2010, COAHSI Folklife collaborated with City Lore's City of Memory Project to produce a cultural tour of Port Richmond.  City Lore is a non-profit organization, located on the Lower East Side, dedicated to preserving, promoting, and documenting New York City's cultural heritage. The "City of Memory" is an online community map of personal stories and memories organized on a physical geographical map that " convey the richness of New York City's cultural heritage."   

COAHSI Folklife teamed up with City Lore's intern/folklorist Anna Batcheller, and Port Richmond's own Jesus Cabrera.  During the days of heavy police presence in reaction to hate crimes, we produced a video tour of Port Richmond and tried to capture an ounce of one aspect of the rich cultural expression thriving within this neighborhood, but seldom spoken about.     

Click Here to Visit the City of Memory Site
Click Here to learn about the making of this video. 

*Special thanks to all the community members of Port Richmond who consulted with us during the making of the short video!  Finally, thanks to Steve Zeitlin and City Lore for the collaboration--it is an honor!

Seisiún Staten Island #5 
Sunday, February 4, 2011 from 1-4pm @ The Wild Goose Pub 
(530 Forest Avenue)
  irish session flyer

The Wild Goose pub has agreed to extend the session through February and March! 
Sunday, February 4th  will be the fifth Irish music session at The Wild Goose Pub 
(530 Forest Avenue) from 1pm -4pm.    Please join Linda Hickman (Flute), Doug Barr 
(Concertina), and Iris Nevins (Harp), at the Wild Goose Pub (530 Forest Avenue).   
Please see the blog towatch a video captured at a recent session and posted by 
Doug Barr.

The Staten Island 350: Memories, Movies,
and Bookmobiles

See blog below to read more about the SI350
Feb 5th, 11am @ the St.George Library
A photo slideshow "The History of Public Libraries on Staten Island: 
From Bookmobiles to Branches," by Andrew Wilson, at the NYPL 
Library, 5 Central Avenue, St. George. Travel back in time to 1833 
when the Franklin Society established a social library in Factoryville 
(now West New Brighton) , to fire and police station libraries in the 
early 1900s and the 1950s Bookmobiles.   For more information, 
call 718-442-8568. 

Sat, February 5, 2pm @ The Great Kills Library
(56 Giffords Ln)
Come share your memories about Great Kills/Eltingville and be 
part of History.   All welcome.  Sessions will be taped by the COAHSI 
Folklife program and preserved as part of the SI350 Memories program.  
Great Kills library is at 56 Giffords Lane (at Margaret St.), (718) 984-6670.  
For a schedule of memories programs at other NYPL branches, 
go to www.si350.org.  

 The 3rd Annual Reel Abilities Film Festival  
February 6th at 12pm @ the JCC 
The Jewish Community Center is host to the 3rd Annual Reel Abilities 
Film Festival, dedicated to films about individuals who face various 
disabilities in their lives.  This Sunday, meet four young American 
soldiers following the filming of their story, "Warrior Champions," at 
the Jewish Community Center (1466 Manor Road). Severely injured 
in Afghanistan, they overcome their injuries and participate in the US 
Paralympics. This will be followed by an autograph session with Teddy 
Atlas, Frado Dinten from "Biggest Loser" and the SI Yankees' mascot 
Scooter. At 3pm, the band Flame performs. These talented musicians 
with various disabilities rock the house.  If you have any questions, 
please contact Jayne Smith, 718.475.5286 or jsmith@sijcc.com.

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