Mar 15, 2011




Meet your art-OFF teams...  

Blue Riders

Marie Kostick - SI, NY
Izzy Greenspan - SI, NY
Lucia Rappa - SI, NY
Patti Armfield - SI, NY
Zoy Suka - SI, NY
Lynell Ann - Elmhurst, NY

Dingle Bots

Chanel Kennebrew (a.k.a JunkMaker) Brooklyn, NY
J.J. Davis - New York, NY
Meghan Snow - Brooklyn, NY
Claudia Saimbert -  Brooklyn, NY
Janine Lai  - Brooklyn, NY

The Wizards

Denise Cartelli-Arena - SI, NY 
Melissa Cartelli - SI, NY
Jennifer Arena - SI, NY
Deanna Arena - SI, NY

Imaginary Friends 

Emil Komoinski - Bayonne, NJ
Francesca Iannelli - Brooklyn, NY
Rita Marquez - Newark, NJ
Jennifer Alamia - Freehold, NJ
Rich Carbone - SI, NY
Sharon Mendoza - East Dalton, NJ
Jerry Sunga - SI, NY


Dona Geethani Kiriella - SI, NY 
Dona Anna Kiriella - SI, NY 
Don James Kiriella - SI, NY 

Buy your tickets now, only $15! -- this includes delectable food +  a delicious selection of wine from WineLife. Join in, chow down, and drink up, with art-OFF.  

when is art-OFF you ask?  
March 12, 5pm :: April 9, 5pm :: May 14, 5pm :: June 11, 5pm
taking place during Second Saturdays Staten Island Art Walk

save $5 -- get your tickets now!
$15 in advance, and $20 at the door.   
art-OFF happens only at Art @ Bay Gallery,  
70 Bay Street (less than 10 min. from the ferry)  

get your hands on 'em:

- a little bit of cash buys you a TON of fun -
A special THANKS! to WineLife for providing wine, Michael's  and Kathy's Kapers General Contractors for donating supplies, and the Staten Island Creative Community for providing their gallery space Art @ Bay!

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