Mar 16, 2011

OutLOUD: Grassroots memorial,Triangle Shirtwaist Fire - Sunday

Staten Island OutLOUD hosts “Remembering Triangle: A Reflection the Tragedy”, commemorating the centennial of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire,Sunday, March 20, 3pm at Historic Richmond Town, 200 Clarke Ave, SINY 10306. Free & open to the public.

  On March 25, 1911, a fire broke out in a textile factory near Washington Square. It quickly became an inferno, trapping nearly 150 young workers, many of whom were recent immigrants to the US. 
 Staten Island OutLOUD commemorates the centennial of this tragedy with a music and readings in Yiddish and in English, to honor the lives of the workers who died that day.  Special guests include Islanders who are descendants of the Triangle survivors; they will share their families’ stories and photographs.
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  Staten Island OutLOUD was established in September 2001 to promote cross-cultural understanding by gathering neighbors to explore global classics together, and to share ideas.  Since then, OutLOUD has served over 17,000 participants, and has presented over 600 free events – in 20 languages – throughout Staten Island. 

  This event made possible in part by a 2011 Encore Award from the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island, with public funding by theNew York State Council on the Arts.  Additional support from friends and neighbors.

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