Mar 22, 2011

From Snug Harbor - Improv Open House

In conjunction with Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden, instructors from The Magnet Theater are proud to announce classes in improvisation coming soon to Staten Island. The classes will be geared towards kids aged 6-10 and teens aged 14-18, and will be one of the first opportunities of its kind on the Island.

In the classes, students will learn the basic tenants of theatrical improvisation—Improvisation trains actors... to create compelling scenes without the use of script, and builds critical skills like teamwork, listening, patience, and a sense of playfulness and fun. Most of the great comedians of the past 50 years have studied and honed their chops using improvisation techniques: Bill Murray, Chris Farley, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, Steve Carrell, and many many more.

These classes will focus on using the techniques of improvisation to build confidence, playfulness, and listening skills for youths and teens. Young kids age 6-10 will focus on spontaneity and creativity, learning how to express themselves in a comfortable and supportive environment. Teens age 14-18 will focus on confidence, teamwork and cooperation, and work on building on their own ideas.

Trial Class:
Friday March 25th, 4pm-5pm (ages 6-10), 5pm-6pm (ages 14-18).
$10 per student. RSVP to reserve spot!

6 Week Class:
Fridays, 4pm-5pm (Ages 6-10), 5pm-6pm (ages 14-18).
Sessions: April 8th, April 15th, April 29th, May 6th, May 13th, May 20th
$90 per student. RSVP to reserve spot!

Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden
Building G, Room 201
1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301

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