Apr 28, 2011

5 Boro and Tour de Staten

The 5 Boro rolls through our borough this Sunday.  Beginning at 5 am, the ferries will be jammed with bikes.  30,000 riders ride 42 miles through all 5 borough and since it ends in Staten Island, guess where they all park and start?

Every year we await the reaction of the ferry itself.  Will they put it on their calendar and accommodate this huge event that sells out two weeks after tickets go on sale?  Usually not, but there is always hope.  We heard they may add one extra boat this year.  And it most likely be too late for the bulk of the riders, but I guess that is progress.

I am proud to say I completed this tour two years ago in pouring rain, finishing at the last possible moments, as in right before they re-opened the bridge.  I was even told to speed up or get on the bus if it passes me. I decided I was going over the Verrazano and I did!

That bridge is one mile uphill and one down.  I walked most of the way up and then sailed down. Figures the hardest part is the last.  Last year was a mini heat wave on the day of the tour and I made it about 25-30 miles in before I put myself on the SAG bus with a heat headache.

At some point Bay Street will belong to the bikes on Sunday.  After the party at Fort Wadsworth, most people are heading back to the ferry to get home or to the lots to get their cars.

Port Richmond CERT will be on hand I am sure, with their bike patrol as usual.

BUT.........If you wanted to participate and couldn't, we have an alternative for you!!


SATURDAY MAY 14th  10am - 2 pm


More info soon!

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