Sep 30, 2010

Trivia Answer - Borough President

When was the office of the Borough President Created?

It was created in 1898.  Originally the Borough Presidents of all five boroughs each had a vote on the the New York City Board of Estimates, but with the boroughs not being equally populated, this was ruled unconstitutional in 1989.  Since that ruling the office has been of an advocate for the boroughs.

Staten Island Borough Presidents - From Wikipedia

with years of birth & death when known
PartyTerm[n 2]
George Cromwell (c.1860–1934)Republican1898–1913
Charles J. McCormack (died 1915)Democratic1914–July 1915
Calvin D. Van Namee (1857–1924)DemocraticJuly 1915–1921
Matthew J. Cahill (died 1922)DemocraticJan.–July 1922
John A. LynchDemocraticJuly 1922–1933
Joseph A. PalmaRepublican1934–1945
Cornelius A. Hall (1889–1953)Democratic1946–1953
Edward G. Baker (born 1907?)Democratic1953–1954
Albert V. Maniscalo (1908–1998)Democratic1955–1965
Robert T. Connor (1919–2009)Republican1966–1977
Anthony Gaeta (1927–1988)Democratic1977–1984
Ralph J. LambertiDemocratic1984–1989
Guy V. Molinari (born 1928)Republican1990–2001
James Molinaro (born 1931)Conservative2002–

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